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- Tattoos made in Phuket are quite cheap and also quite good. So why not have a nice tattoo after the beach burning.

Most tattoo parlors you can find in the Karon beach and Patong beach nightlife scene on the west coast of Phuket Island.

Coming to Phuket on your Thailand holiday trip and some tattoo in mind you are on the right place at the right time for great ink. Tattooing in Phuket is relatively cheap, meets health standards and plenty of excellent tattoo design are offered as you can see in the picture of the tattoo parlor at Karon beach Phuket, below.

The whole tattoo parlor is decorated with all kind of tattoo designs like angel tattoo design, back tattoo designs, butterfly tattoo designs, Celtic tattoo designs, Japanese tattoo art, lower back tattoo designs, star tattoo designs and other
tattoo art. Tattoo designs are plenty and also celebrity tattoos are available.

Dragon tattoo and heart tattoo design are on display, plus love tattoo designs, small tattoo designs, tattoo designs of stars, and even Aztec tattoo art plus zodiac tattoo and cross tattoos. This is only a small selection of tattoo designs available in Phuket Thailand. You can also bring in your own free tattoo design.

Flash tattoo designs and other tattoo designs plus all kind of tattoos art which are not displayed as wallpaper you can browse in the picture catalogue, there are several. In the Thai  tattoo parlor they usual make a picture after finishing the tattoo art, so hundreds of ideas others had are at your fingertips. If you want to go beyond the usual tattoo designs that you see on tattoo parlor walls, and perhaps are searching for designs

which are more artistic, then there are a few different ways that you can discover really good tattoo art.

In Thailand and especially in Phuket's Patong area you can find Tattoo parlors with great Thai tattoo art plentiful. Just keep your eyes open and make it a point to seek out tattoos which fit your idea of artistic. Usually a person will tell you his tattoo artist who has designed the tattoo. From there you can check out more tattoo art directly from the artist.

Don't immediately discount amateur tattoo artists on the net. Sometimes their designs can be very original and unique. Even the more simple tattoo art has a basic artistic uniqueness that can be exactly what you are looking for.

Tattoo Art Galleries in Phuket offer artistic work for a budget price. Today there are tattoo art galleries on the net and elsewhere which contain hundreds of designs and are updated constantly with new tattoo designs. These are great sites to join as you can simply browse through all the different art tattoo designs.

You can print the tattoos out on your printer and take them straight to the tattoo parlor to get inked. It's a great way to ensure that you are not missing out on the latest tattoo art which is out there.

In most tattoo parlors cool tattoos, great tattoo design and tattoo pictures are available to get you the right ideas for your holiday surprise.

There are other tattoo design such as Chinese tattoos, dragon tattoos, strange devil tattoos, butterfly tattoos for the girls and a qualified tattoo artist is at most parlors.

At Phuket this is always in the Patong nightlife area such as Bangla Road. There are also some tattoo studios at Karon beach and Kata Beach.

Prices are reasonable but bargaining is needed, never pay the price asked in the beginning, thatís the game check with at least two tattoo parlor.

A good and reasonably priced tattoo parlor is the first pictured above, this parlor is at Karon Beach Phuket. Every Thai tattoo parlor has plenty of tattoo art work to show as samples. The tattoo artists usually work until 2 am since a Thai tattoo is very popular this days.


Thai Tattoo at a Phuket Parlor
Thai Tattoo at a Phuket Parlor at Karon Beach
Tattoo Studio Patong Phuket
Tattoo Studio Patong Phuket
Tattoo Design Phuket
Tattoo Design
Butterfly Tattoo
Butterfly Tattoo
Thai Tattoo
Thai Tattoo
Thai Tattoo Art
Thai Tattoo Art
Thai Tattoo Art
Thai Tattoo Art
Tattoo Artist
Tattoo Artist
Lizard Tattoo
Lizard Tattoo
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Tattooing at Phuket

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